Bangkok Night Vlog 141

2 years ago

Bangkok Night Vlog 141

A VLOG from early 2017 of an evening drinking at lower Sukhumvit in Bangkok, Thailand.

Parts of this video include:

0:04 Skytrain to Nana Station and some happy hour 2-4-1 Tapas
1:47 Hooters bar, Soi 4
4:11 Rest Hub 2 bar (brief visit, almost knocked over a full beer)
5:37 Big Dogs bar and a look at some freelancer ladies (same girl from and old video:
12:31 Mototaxi to next bar area
13:58 My favourite Bangkok bar area
15:02 Cowboy 2 bar
15:37 Midnite Coyote bar
17:58 Will he/won’t he go in the bar?
20:31 Red Panty Night at the Sahara bar
21:47 Outro from the Crazy Horse Circus bar in Patong


I went to Zaks Dining & Lounge (formerly known as Zaks Wine Pub), Sukhumvit Soi 11 on this night. It is probably my favourite place for cheap but high quality tapas in Bangkok. It can get very busy around 8pm so it’s best to get there a bit earlier if possible.

As you can see from the menu there are a lot of tapas to choose from and you get the cheapest one free if you make it there before 8pm. Highly recommended place to take a date.

Hooters bar, Soi 4 Nana:

Hooters is an American franchise bar/restaurant people either seem to love or hate. I kind of like the place even though the beer prices are creeping up with bottled Singha now being 150 baht.

The seats around the outside of Hooters Nana are very popular and with good reason, you get a nice view in front of Nana Plaza and get to see all the action unfolding.

Another plus point for Hooters is you know you will get a high quality drink if your drinking whiskey or other spirits. I recently had another 2 misfortunate encounters, one in a Pattaya gogo bar and one in a Soi 4 beer bar where I ordered Jack Daniels with coke and was served local Thai whiskey as a substitute.

Rest assured, if you order from the top shelf at Hooters you will always get the genuine article.

The Hooters ladies inside you cannot barfine, it’s apparently in their contracts not to sleep with the customers 🙂

Soi 4 Freelancers

There seems to be a resurgence of nicer looking freelancers in front of the Nana hotel car park. These ladies are 99% looking to maximise as many short times they can for an evening.

The number one question I get about the freelancers is always how much, how much, how much???????!!!

Well the answer to how much is that ‘it depends.’ The street freelancers don’t have set rates and different guys get different prices. For example, an old fat slob will get quoted a much higher price than a younger clean cut looking guy. There are many factors that influence the price quoted.

I’ve been quoted 1200 baht recently for short time with an above average looking Soi 4 freelancer which is a decent benchmark to go by. Lastly, if the freelancer says 4000 baht initially then it literally means no, so move onto the next one 🙂

Midnite and Sahara coyote bars on Soi Cowboy

These bars are geared up for higher rollers, if you go inside you will be expected to by many lady drinks and be left with a large bill at the end. So if you go inside and are buying drinks at least feel up as many of them as you can to get your money’s worth 🙂

You can check facebook for more info on these 2 bars, search for ‘midnite coyote bar’ and ‘Sahara Club Soi Cowboy’ for more info as they actively promote themselves on social media.

Late night taxis nearby:

I always find it best to walk to the intersection where Soi 23 meets Sukhumvit road. Usually there is plenty of meter taxis that can be found there.

Avoid parked up taxis, and I now always avoid clean looking taxis that pull up with their window down, they almost always won’t use the meter.

Bangkok’s best Guest Friendly hotels:
Near Soi Cowboy:
Near Nana Plaza:
Near Soi 11:

Pattaya’s best Guest Friendly hotels:
Under $50:
Over $50:

1st Song:
Levianth & Axol – Remember (feat. The Tech Thieves) [NCS Release]

2nd Song:
Valesco – Cloud 9 [Royalty Free Music]

3rd Song: Kibbles ‘n Beats – RedPantyNight