Vietnam Nightlife 2017 – Saigon Vlog 176

2 years ago

Vietnam Nightlife 2017 – Saigon Vlog 176

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A video of a night out in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam where I had some nice pho noodles, then went for a stroll along Bui Vien Street, then took a mototaxi to a live rock music bar (with an amazing band), before returning to Bui Vien street late on and seeing some crazy antics including a backpacker attempting fire breathing…

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Parts of this video include:
0:12 Alagon Central hotel to Bui Vien street, stopping for some nice pho noodles
3:18 Bui Vien street 9,30pm
6:16 Mototaxi to Seventeen Saloon – how many times does the rider honk the horn?
8:59 Seventeen Saloon live rock music, apologies for the audio issues
11:19 Arriving back at Bui Vien street
13:14 A game of drunken football in the street
17:01 Last drink of the night
20:29 Fire breathing incident (fast forward to here from the start if you like)
22:53 Banh Mi baguette for yours truely
23:42 Outro

Additional notes:

This video was from a Visa run to Vietnam, where I stayed in the capital city of Saigon for a few days.

It’s much busier now than I remember, and the beer is insanely cheap at some bars. A lot of the regular Vietnamese girls were very easy on the eye.

1st song
Maciej Kulesza – Tone

2nd song
Monster2 – Ugly Facade (deleted now)

3rd song
Road to Moscow – Jingle Punks
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4h song
Sleep Circuit & Tciami – Fanboys