Top 10 Things to Do in YAU MA TEI Hong Kong – Temple Street Night Market Local Restaurants More

2 years ago

Wondering what to do in Kowloon? Apart from Temple Street Night Market, there are many other must-see attractions in Yau Ma Tei. Join us to explore the historic neighbourhood and find out what to see and eat there.

1. Temple Street Night Market 00:17
2. Cooked Food Hawker Bazaar (Woosung Street & Reclamation Street) 00:42
3. Claypot Rice 00:57
4. Tin Hau Temple Complex 01:17
5. Reclamation Street Market 01:40
6. Jade Market 01:55
7. Yau Ma Tei Police Station 02:13
8. Yau Ma Tei Wholesale Fruit Market 02:25
9. Yau Ma Tei Theatre 02:46
10. Kitchenware Street 03:05

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Historic photos used are found on SeeWide
Music: Hand In Hand by Nicolai Heidlas Music