Temple Street Night Market Hong Kong Street Food – vlog 051

2 weeks ago

Today I’ll be exploring the Jordan area in Hong Kong and checking out the Temple Street Night Market. Temple Street Night Market is full of shops, restaurants, and street vendors. If you need some souvenirs or trinkets, this might be a great place for you to do some shopping if you need some touristy I Love Hong Kong shirts. Temple Street Night Market isn’t very large compared to some of the night markets that I visited in Taipei. You could probably just spend a hour or two in the area. Be sure to carry some cash, since most of the shops and vendors around are cash only!

The first place we’re visiting is Mammy Pancake 媽咪雞蛋仔 which has some amazing egg puffs, egg waffles, egg pancake, eggette, whatever you want to call these. Mammy Pancake is recommended in the Hong Kong street food Michelin guide. I’ve been eating at least one of these Hong Kong egg waffles a day while I was here in Hong Kong. Mammy Pancake has a large variety of flavors of egg puffs on their menu and I had to try one with ice cream in it. The combination is fantastic! The egg puff is warm, crispy, a bit chewy on the inside while the creamy vanilla ice cream cools it down. The egg puff that I had was just as good as Lee Keung Kee North Point, if not better since it had ice cream in it as well! This is one of my favorite places for Hong Kong desserts!

While wandering the area I notice that there was quite a bit of street food vendors however the menus overlapped. There were many vendors that serve grilled skewers, fish balls, and fried chicken around and there was not much variety. There was one that had a pretty large crowd when I went here and decided to order some food at Taste Pavilion. There’s an english menu here so you can point and choose what you want and they’ll cook it right up right away. My favorites from this place is the grilled duck skewers and the steamed rice noodle rolls. The grilled duck skewers were smokey, tender, fatty, delicious, and very cheap when compared to what I would have to pay for duck at some places in the U.S. The steamed rice noodle rolls was a great snack as well and pretty filling. I tried some other skewers there that were similar to Fat Boy that I tried the other day, however Fat Boy version was way better.

While wandering around, the street next to Temple Street Night Market has a huge outdoor market section. On Woosung Street you can find tons of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, and seafood. Nearby this market was a huge Hawker Bazaar called Woosung Street Temporary Cooked Food Hawker Bazaar. This place is now closed unfortunately for renovations so you may have to search online on when they might reopen. They have a english menu here where you can order various cuts of Chinese style meats like Charsiu, roasted geese, and also various seafood dishes. This place kind of reminded me of a local neighborhood bar where people get some drinks and quick bits of food to eat. The food here was pretty good, however I don’t recommended it as a must go place if you are here solo Hong Kong. There weren’t many tables available for people eating alone at the time. The Mantis Shrimp was interesting, pretty uncommon to find in the U.S. Peeling the shell was a bit difficult, but there’s quite a bit of meat inside once you open it. To me it tasted like a sweeter and meatier shrimp with spice from the fried garlic & chili.


» Mammy Pancake 媽咪雞蛋仔 – Jordan area
» Temple Street Night Market – Jordan area – https://www.temple-street-night-market.hk/
» Taste Pavilion – Jordan Area
» Woosung Street Temporary Hawker Bazaar – (temporary closed for renovations)


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